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Service Hours of the Center for 2019 School Year

[Jing-de Campus] Service Hours

Monday to Friday  08:00-17:00

Telephone: 04-7232105


Location: 2F, General Building


[Bao-shan Campus] Service Hours

Monday to Friday  08:00-17:00

(closed on Thursday)

Telephone: 04-7232105


Location: 4F, Teaching Building No. 2

(Closed during summer and winter vacations, with services provided by the staff in Jing-de)


Department Counseling Modules


College of Engineering, College of Management, College of Technology

Yan-Ren Chen, M.A. (ext. 7881) 

Zhe-Hong, Zeng Intern Counselor  (ext. 7882)

Ci-Hong, Lai , Intern Counselor (ext. 7884)

College of Science, College of Arts

[Wait for appointment] (ext. 1409)

Ci-Hong, Lai , Intern Counselor (administration; ext. 7884)

Bi-He, Zhang , Intern Counselor (administration; ext. 1412)

College of Education, College of Social Science and Physical Education

Ling-Yu Cheng, Ph. D. (ext. 1402)

Cha-Lee, Chia ,  Intern Counselor (ext. 1416)


Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact

National Changhua University of Education, Drillmaster’s Office

[Telephone: 04-7232154]

Changhua Christian Hospital – Emergency Room

[Telephone: 04-7273949]

Show Chwan Memorial Hospital – Emergency Room

[Telephone: 04-7238196]


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