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Scope of Services



Individual Counseling

If you are someone who desires change, you can explore your world together with professionally trained counselors to develop richer contacts and understanding of your physiology, emotions, awareness, behavior and even social and spiritual relationships, achieving the goal of changing yourself.  This experience is called psychological counseling.  There are a few things that you must know about counseling:

1.       Confidentiality: The sessions are strictly confidential (except legal requirements)

2.       Procedure: One session per week, each lasting approximately 50 minutes.

3.       Please come to the center to fill out an application form during office hours to arrange sessions with counselors.  After we understand your requirements and expectations, we will arrange sessions with suitable counselors.


Psychological Tests


The center has various types of psychological tests, providing psychological evaluations about career planning, personalities, interests and capabilities.  There are group tests and individual tests.  You can make a reservation at the center.  The tests are conducted in the following manner:

First of all!

Visit the center and make a test appointment.  Let the teachers understand your needs.

They will select a suitable psychological test to be performed.

Then make an appointment with the teacher to interpret the test.  The counselor will explain the test results to you.

Consultation for Physical and Mental Health


In order to improve the understanding of mental illness by the teachers and students of the university, to assess relevant symptoms and to increase knowledge about physical and mental health, the center has hired psychiatrists to provide services on campus.  This service is provided by appointment.  Students are welcome to fill out an application form in the center.


Reporting of Special Case


We invite all teachers, employees and students of the university to participate in campus health care tasks, help and report about students who have physical or mental adaptation difficulties, abnormal behaviors or thoughts/action of self injury or injuring others.  The center will assign a dedicated person to provide you with timely assistance.


Class Guidance


If the students in a class have a common topic or requirement, an application may be filed in the name of a class.  The center will arrange suitable teachers to conduct lively and interesting class guidance events required by the class.  Through group discussions and sharing, you will leave footprints of growth together.  Class guidance is provided by appointment.  We welcome class monitors and students to make bookings with the center.


Group Counseling and Workshops


We will provide groups or workshops of different themes for the people who are interested in the same themes or who are vexed about the same things under the guidance of teacher every semester. Let’s explore and grow up together. You will see that you are not alone. We encourage you and your classmates to use them as much as possible!

Promotion of Mental Health


We plan various guidance activities in order to meet the students’ needs every semester. Such as seminars, panel discussion, nights, mental health testing station, movie review, week of main themes, essay competition, and so on. We will improve students’ knowledge and capability of mental health in lively and pleasant atmosphere. You are welcome to join us.


Borrowing books and videos from us


There are many books, magazines, and videos about psychology and guidance can be borrowed from the center.

The time for borrowing: Monday to Friday 08:30-17:00

Borrowing books: you can borrow 2 books from us every time for 2 weeks, and you can renew them 1 time.

Borrowing videos: you can borrow 2 videos from us every time for a week, and you can renew them 1 time.