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Class Guidance




The center also have in place various themes of class guidance events based on the needs of students throughout the university, available for each department to choose.  Of course, we can also tailor to the needs of each department and class and design suitable events.


Suitable targets: All departments, colleges and classes throughout the university.

Event Time: 1-2 hours each session.

Event Location: To be decided by each class

Download the Application Form


Application for group psychological tests and class guidance:

The class representative should file an application with the Counseling and Guidance Center two weeks before the scheduled date

Application Hotline: Please contact the counselor of each department


Scope of Guidance

Interpersonal Relationships

Understand the nature of interpersonal relationships, seek one’s own interpersonal positioning, establish a comfortable and harmonious interpersonal relationship, create a win-win interpersonal relationship.  The themes may cover interpersonal conflict, intimacy relationship, parent-child relationship, teacher-student interaction, etc.


Career Development and Planning

Provide concepts related to career planning and career exploration, accompanied by psychological tests as required such as career and interest assessment table and career belief examination table to explore one’s own career planning in depth.


Self Concept and Self Affirmation

Explore self concept and learn the techniques of self affirmation.  Establish a proper confidence.  The themes may include the use of relevant psychological tests, meeting self, training the skill of self-affirmation,  developing self-potential, and so on.


Gender Equity Education

Provide the concept of kind interaction of gender equity and promote the knowledge of gender equity. The themes are including relationship, break-up, LGBT, sexual education, and so on.


Learning Guidance

Provide learning diagnosis and the activities of efficiency of learning in order to help students promote the efficiency of learning and master the skill of learning. We also can regard time management as the theme to teach students how to assess their efficiency of learning, the skill of time management, setting goals, and the concept of good self-management.


Emotional Management and Pressure Adjustment

Learn how to explore your emotion, teach you the skill of emotional management, and provide the method of exploring the origin of pressure, the skill of coping with pressure, and good pressure adjustment.


Surfing the Web Healthily and Happily

Discuss the topics about internet pals making, internet addiction, and so on. We also provide the information of the psychological analysis of internet using behaviors, the testing of internet addiction, the resource of internet counseling, health keeping, time management, self-monitoring, and so on.